City Views Tainan, Taiwan 2017

Tainan is the birthplace of Taiwan and the oldest city on the island. In 1661, Ming Loyalist Cheng Cheng-Kung expelled the Dutch from Taiwan and founded his administration in Tainan in 1683. At the time, Chinese immigrants came to Taiwan and contributed to the growth of the young city.

In 1885, Taiwan became a province and Tainan’s position changed to that of the Tainan Prefecture capital, which gives the present name. Tainan remained the political, economic and cultural center of Taiwan until the late nineteenth century. As a result, Tainan is home to many famous historical sites. It is also the city with the longest history and the earliest cultural roots in Taiwan.

As the oldest town in Taiwan, Tainan is a wonderfully historic place, with a rather complicated history from the Dutch occupation over Han Chinese influence to the Japanese colonial era.


Good to know:

Website of Tainan: www.twtainan.net (Chinese/English)

Hayashi Department Store
Opening Hours: daily 11:00 – 22.00
Entrance: free

Shennong Old Street
Öffnungszeiten: all day
Entrance: free

National Museum of Taiwan Literature
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Thursday & Sunday 9:00 – 18:00; Friday & Saturday 9:00 – 21:00
Entrance: free

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