City Views Anping, Taiwan 2017

In earlier times Anping was referred to as ‘Dayuan’, the origin of the name ‘Taiwan‘. It is known not only for its culture and history but also for its sunsets, nightlife, beautiful natural landscape, sea and delicious cuisine.

Anping is rich in historical sites – the Anping Fort, the Eternal Golden Castle, and the Anping Tree House are some of its top attractions. Other sights are the Old Julius Mannich Merchant House, the Tait & Co. Merchant House, and the Anping Minor Artillery Fort. These historical sites reflect the history and architectural styles of the Dutch occupation, the Qing, the Cheng Cheng Kung (Koxinga) period Administration and the Japanese colonial era and embody more than 300 years of significant history in Taiwan.

The old street of Anping is lined with traditional flooring, little brick houses, and western villas. During the Qing Dynasty, the patriotic hero Zheng Cheng-Gong, better known as Koxinga and his army was stationed in Anping. After the workday, the soldiers returned home, hung the lion-decorated shields in front of their doors, and laid their swords near the lion’s mouth. A smart thief would know that this should be the last place to steal. This has worked so well that the residents started to do the same. The sword was therefore made into a symbol of protection.


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