Shuangsi Wanderweg - Shuangsi Trail

Shuangsi Trail, Meinong 2017

The Shuangsi hiking trail stretches through a part of the Yellow Butterfly Valley. The valley is 7 km north-east of the city center of Meinong. In late spring and summer is the best time to visit the valley.

Over 100 species of butterflies can be observed here. The medium-sized yellow Emigrant butterfly (Catopsilia Pomona) is the most frequently seen species. It breeds in spring, and its number explodes in the summer. Around July it is common to see swarms of yellow butterflies gliding through the valley.


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Meinong Hakka Cultural Museum
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 9:00 – 17:00; closed on Chinese New Year’s Day
Entrance: free

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