Cihou Leuchtturm - Cihou Lighthouse

Cihou Lighthouse, Cijin 2017

The Kaohsiung Lighthouse, also called Cihou Lighthouse or Lighthouse of Cijin, is a lighthouse in the district of Qijin in Kaohsiung. After the signing of the Beijing Convention in 1860 during the Qing Dynasty, the port of Takao was opened to foreign merchants in 1863. With increasing commercial shipping and a lack of appropriate navigation systems, the British engineers built a rectangular lighthouse on the top of Mount Ki-au, on the southern side of the harbor.

During the Japanese reign, in line with the expansion of the port, the lighthouse was rebuilt as part of the project in 1916. It was renovated in 1918 in its present form.

The base of the lighthouse building was built in baroque style, the original lamp tower octagonal. The tower offers a beautiful bird’s eye view of the harbor of Kaohsiung and the picturesque surroundings. Since 1985, the lighthouse is open to the public, although still in regular operation.


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