Frühling&Herbst Pavillon - Spring&Autumn Pavilion

Spring- & Autumn Pavilions, Kaohsiung 2017

The Spring and Autumn Pavilions are a Taoist temple complex at the Lotus Pond in the district of Zuoying in Kaohsiung. As the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas, the temple is unique. It was built in 1953 by the Chi Ming Palace. The complex can be seen from the top of the dragon and tiger pagodas, as well as from the Pavilion of the North Pole.

There are thousands of turtles on a half-moon pond before the spring and autumn pavilions. In addition to the two buildings is a 5-mile Pavilion, which is connected to them by a 9-arch bridge.

The spring and autumn pavilions are surrounded by water. When the sun goes down, the ancient pagoda is reflected in the water. There is a Guanyin statue riding a dragon. According to the local legend, the goddess of mercy appeared with a dragon in the clouds and instructed her followers to build an icon in this form as a sign of your coming between the two pavilions.


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