Fort Anping

Anping Fort, Tainan 2017

In 1624, the Dutch built the first fortress in Anping, Taiwan, called ‘Fort Zeelandia’, now known as Anping Fort. It was the administrative center of the Dutch regime and the hub for commerce. The building was originally built as a square fortress with rectangular exterior walls. In 1661, the fort was renamed Anping, when Cheng Cheng-Kung expelled the Dutch from Taiwan.

In the Kangxi emperor regime of the Qing Dynasty, Taiwan was incorporated into the empire, the political center moved to the city of Tainan, causing the decline of the fort. The red bricks of the fort were taken for the construction of the Eternal Fortress. During the Japanese occupation, the Dutch buildings in the inner fortress were destroyed.


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Opening Hours: daily 8:30 – 17:30
Admission: 50 NT$

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