Fengyi Akademie - Fengyi Academy

Fongyi Academy, Kaohsiung 2017

In the 19th year of the reign of the Jiaqing Emperor in the Qing Dynasty, the Fengyi Academy was founded in Xincheng, now Fengshan. In addition to teaching, the Academy also served as a Wenchang Temple, pavilion, examination center, warehouse, Cao-Jin Temple, as a shrine of five literary men and as a center for free teaching.

In 2009 the Fengyi Academy was renovated. Today’s building is a reconstruction of the former buildings and serves exclusively as a museum.


Good to know:

Opening Hours: Tuesday – Friday 10:30 – 17:30; Saturday, Sunday & Public holidays 10:30 – 16:30; Monday closed
Website: http://fongyiacademy.khcc.gov.tw (Chinese)

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