Drachen&Tiger Pagode - Dragon&Tiger Pagoda

Dragon & Tiger Pagodas, Kaohsiung 2017

The Dragons and Tiger Pagodas are a temple at the Lotus Pond in the district of Zuoying in Kaohsiung. They are located about 700 meters south of the Spring and Autumn Pavilions. The temple was built in 1976. One of the towers is the Tiger Tower; the other is the Dragon Tower. The neck of the dragon is the entrance, and the lion mouth is the exit.

The seven-storey towers have yellow walls, red columns, and orange tiles. To the front, a bridge connects them to the shore. In the Dragon Tower are various paintings showing Ksitigarbha. In the Tiger Tower are paintings of the twelve Magi and the thirty palaces of the Jade Kaisers as well as paintings by Confucius. The towers have a double spiral staircase, one for ascending and descending visitors.

A view from the towers offers a view of the small turtle mountains, the spring and autumn pavilion, the 5-mile pavilion and the Pei-Chi Pavilion and the surrounding lake.


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