Britisches Konsulat in Takao - British Consulate at Takao

British Consulate at Takao, Kaohsiung 2017

Founded in 1879, the former British consulate in Takao is the oldest remaining western mansion in Taiwan. The construction of the Consulate marked the beginning of Western development in Taiwan. Nestled on a hill, this charming historic building opens up an excellent panorama.

In 1895 the treaty was signed by Shimonoseki and was followed by the Japanese rule of Taiwan. The British Consulate of Takao was then led by the British ambassador in Tokyo. In 1910, the British consulate in Takao was closed, and the embassy’s work moved to Tamsui. In 1925, the ownership of the consulate and its domicile were transferred to the Japanese colonial government. In 1931 the former British Consular Residency was transformed into the Kaohsiung Marine Observatory.

Today the old British consulate in Takao is a national historic site. Visitors can enjoy the original English afternoon tea in the arcades or one of the rooms. Many come for the romantic sunset over the famous Xizi Bay, where the golden rays merge with the horizon and ocean.


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Opening Hours: daily 9:00 – 21:00; closed each Monday of the third week every month

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