Xuanzang Tempel - Xuanzang Temple

Xuanzang Temple, Nantou 2017

600, Xuanzang was a prestigious monk who devoted his entire life to the promotion of Buddhist teachings.

During the Second World War, the Japanese army brought the relics of Xuanzang from Nanjing to Japan. In 1955, the fourth Abbot of Paochueh Temple Master Zongxin succeeded in bringing the remains back to Taiwan and keeping them in the Xuanguang Temple. The relics were moved to Xuanzang Temple in 1965. The Xuanzang Temple impresses visitors with its intense beauty. On the outer walls of the temple is a carved image of the rice of the Xuanzang. For those who do not know much about this pilgrimage, there is a chance to dig into a bit of ancient Chinese history.

In front of the main gate of the Xuanzang Temple is a bell called ‘Awaking Bell’. If you prefer a quiet atmosphere, the Xuanguang and Xuanzang Temple are perfect for you. In any case, take a look from here to the Sun Moon Lake.


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