Wenwu Tempel - Wenwu Temple

Wenwu Temple, Nantou 2017

In earlier times, there were two temples at the Sun Moon Lake, but in 1919 the Japanese colonizers decided to build a hydropower project that would increase the water level of the lake. Both temples were therefore relocated in a single temple called Wenwu Temple.

Established in 1938, the Wenwu Temple has long been a center of faith among the locals. Converted into the Chinese palace architecture, the Wenwu Temple is divided into three different halls. The Vanguard reveres the god of wealth, the god of literature and others. The main hall is located right in the center of the compound and respects the god of war and General Yue. Finally, the rear hall, also known as the Hall of Great Achievements, is dedicated to Confucius and four saints.

In the early years, those who wanted to visit the Wenwu Temple had to travel by boat and then climb a long staircase up to the mountain. Today there is a total of 366 steps, and each one symbolizes a birthday and is decorated with the names of celebrities and comic figures who were born on this day.


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