Sonne-Mond See - Sun-Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake, Nantou 2017

The Sun-Moon Lake is the largest inland water on Taiwan with 7.5 to 8 square kilometers. It is situated at an altitude of 760 meters on the western slope of the central mountainous region of Nantou. It obtained its double-name by the shore forms, which resemble the east of the sun and the west of a crescent moon, according to other sources, but also to the different water colors of the two waters. In earlier English literature, the Sun-Moon Lake is also called Candidius Lake (Lake Candidius), which he received after the Dutch missionary Georgius Candidius, who from 1627 to 1637 in the Dutch Formosa. Dragon Lake (Dragon Lake) is another name for the lake.

Near to its northern bank is the idyllic Wenwu Temple built in 1938. The Syuentzang (Xuanzang) Temple, dedicated to the Buddhist monk Xuanzang, has been constructed on the southern shore of the lake and was built in 1996 with a view of the island of Guanghua. Another tourist attraction is the Ci-En Pagoda, which stands at the southern tip of the lake at an altitude of 954 m. It is 46 m high and offers a magnificent view of the lake and the surrounding mountains.


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