Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, Nantou 2017

From the Sun Moon Lake, take the cable car to the Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village on the other side of the mountain. When it rains, and the surrounding mountains are covered with dense fog, one feels like in a sea of ​​clouds on the way to a mysterious land. In the sunshine and clear view, one can enjoy the beauty of the Sun Moon Lake.

Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village was founded in 1986. At that time, there were only nine officially recognized indigenous groups in Taiwan. However, with the rise of Aboriginal self-identification, many indigenous peoples began to demand legal recognition. By the end of 2016, sixteen indigenous groups had been officially recognized by the government. Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village can be divided into three main sections: Aboriginal Village Park, European Garden, and Amusement Isle.

Coming from the cable car, you first get to Aboriginal Village Park with its traditional houses. The visitor gets a profound insight into the indigenous culture of Taiwan through regular performances.


Good to know:

Opening Hours: Weekdays 9:30 – 17:00; Weekends & Holidays 9:30 – 17:30
Entrance: 780 NT$
Show times: Naruwan Theatre 13:30 & 15:00; Culture Square 9:30 & 16:15; Formosan Aboriginal Square 11:30; Pestle Music Theatre 10:30 & 13:00; Tsou Village Square 10:50 (Wochenende); Tribal Flash Mod 15:40
Website: (Chinese/English)

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