Taichung Stadt - Taichung City

City Views Taichung, Taiwan 2017

Taichung is a city on the west coast, in the middle of Taiwan, and the third largest town in the country. Taichung has the largest night market in Taiwan. At the Fengjia Night Market, visitors can also shop well in addition to numerous specialties.

Taichung has saved many of the city’s historic sites, including the 200-year-old Lecheng Temple, the artistic Chenghuang Temple, and the three-storey Wanhe Temple. In addition to the historical attractions, Taichung also offers plenty to satisfy the thirst for art, culture, and learning.

The Jingming shopping district in European style and the Fenglin restaurant in the garden give Taichung a stylish elegance reminiscent of the Champs Elysees in Paris.


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