Matsu Tempel - Matsu Temple

Mazu Temple, Lukang 2017

Taiwan is known for an abundance of temples. Each of them is a local center of faith and living folk art museum, whose collections include exquisite stonework and elaborate wood decorations. Founded in 1725, the Lukang Mazu Temple underwent extensive renovations and repairs during the Japanese colonial period and after the takeover of Taiwan. Only the rear hall remained intact, preserving the stone carving from the Qing dynasty.

When entering the porch, the visitor is greeted by elaborately carved stone windows and wooden beams. In the main hall, the elaborate stonework shows the old stories of the Romanticism of the Three Kingdoms. Above the shrine are three wooden plaques placed by Qing emperors with their seals in the middle.

Born as Lin Mo-Niang in Fujian, Mazu is often regarded by fishermen and sailors as the sea goddess to protect the lives of people during their travels at sea. The worship of Mazu began around the Ming Dynasty, and now their followers are scattered throughout South China and Southeast Asia. From the first to the third month of the month, countless religious devotees flood the Lukang Mazu Temple from every corner of the island to celebrate Mazu’s birthday.


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