Großer Buddha von Baguashan - Great Buddha of Baguashan

Great Buddha Statue of Baguashan, Changhua 2017

Situated on the hill above the city, 74 meters above sea level, the 24-meter-tall Great Buddha statue of Baguashan was one of the largest Buddha statues in Asia after its completion in 1961. The interior is divided into six different floors, across Whose steps can be reached up to the top of the statue. Each level contains a series of life-size figures that tell the story of the Buddha as well as his way to the highest.

The Great Buddha Temple behind the statue was built in the style of an ornate palace and constructed in 1972. The great temple is a rarity in Taiwan as it combines Taoist, Buddhist and Confucian beliefs into a single community.

At the front of the great Buddha is Changhua’s highest point. A perfect place – on the one hand, the impressive statue, on the other hand, an excellent panorama of the city.


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