City Views Dajia, Taiwan 2017

The Dajia District and the city of the same name are located on the northwest coast of Taichung. In March 2012, the city was named one of the top ten small tourist cities by the Tourism Bureau of Taiwan. Dajia combines a unique mixture of nature and culture with the Dajia River, the Da’an River, and Tiezhen Mountain as well as various tourist farms, the Songbo Port, distinctive national ceremonies and a rich local history and culture.

Zhenlan Temple, on today’s Dajia Street, was built by early Han Chinese settlers and is every March of the Dajia-Matsu Pilgrimage, bringing more than a million people, making it one of the top three religious celebrations in the world power.

Dajia is also known for its specialties, including award-winning premium rice, certified high-quality bitter squash, Welsh onions and square watermelons. The Jian source, built on Tiezhen Mountain during Koxinga’s administration of Taiwan, the historic Rinan station, and Da’an Bridge, and locally produced hats, mats, and pastries are other attractions in the region.


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