Tungxiao Schrein - Tungxiao Shrine

Tung Xiao Shrine, Miaoli 2017

Shinto is the indigenous religion of Japan dedicated to the invisible spiritual beings and powers. The Japanese believe that everything is inhabited by a soul that gives the substances life and activity. These spirits are so numerous that they are called Yaoyorozu no Kami, which means eight million gods.

The Tongxiao Shrine was first built in 1937 during the Japanese colonial period. After the Second World War, the new government intended to destroy the most representative works of the Japanese colonizers. The main hall of the Tongxiao Shrine was then reconstructed into a martyr’s shrine, honoring the fallen soldiers, and the patriotic hero Zheng Cheng-Gong, better known by his Hokkien name Koxinga. The Tongxiao Shrine is therefore also called Koxinga Shrine.

In 1999 a devastating earthquake hit the island, and the Tongxiao shrine was severely damaged. In 2002 the government began to renovate this heritage and to protect it as a historical site. Today, visitors can hike up to the top of Hutoushan Park to admire the Tongxiao city views and explore the nostalgic Shinto shrine, which serves as an explicit reference to the common Japanese culture in Miaoli at the time.


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