City Views Nanzhuang, Taiwan 2017

The development history of Nanzhuang was similar to Neiwan in Hsinchu and Jiufen in New Taipei: once prospered by the rise of the timber or mining industry, then due to the downturn of the industry in oblivion.

The development of Nanzhuang can be dated to the late Qing Dynasty. The Shiesankung, a ditch for laundry, was originally built to provide water for irrigation and laundry. Even nowadays the inhabitants often wash their clothes or vegetables here. In the Japanese colonial era, one was drilled here for camphor and coal.

The prosperity of the city grew and reached its height in the last phase of the period. Similar to the Neiwan Theater in Neiwan, the Nanzhuang Theater had occupied the golden age of Nanzhuang. Meanwhile, the theater is transformed into a nostalgic restaurant. The old post in the Japanese style was rebuilt because of an earthquake.


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