Ruinen der Longteng Brücke - Remains of the Longteng Bridge

Remains of Longteng Bridge, Miaoli 2017

Located in the Sanyi community of Miaoli, the Yutengping Bridge, which is currently known as the Longteng Bridge, was built of brick blocks that were mixed with glutinized rice and lime in 1907, a masterpiece of the Taiwanese railway history.

Built without bridges or cement, the bridge collapsed in a devastating earthquake in 1935. To date, this earthquake has a magnitude of 7.1 the deadliest in Taiwan’s history. Most of the bridge, except for the bridges, had disappeared. The local government decided to build a new steel bridge alongside the remains of the Longteng Bridge, but this was also damaged by another earthquake in 1999. After two catastrophic earthquakes, the remains of the Longteng Bridge in 2003 were designated as a permanent reminder of the power of Mother Nature due to their historical and architectural significance.


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