Longfeng Hafen - Longfeng Harbor

Longfeng Harbor, Zhunan 2017

Longfeng is a small fishing port in the district of Miaoli near the town of Zhunan. Zhunan was traditionally a beach and fishing community and is closely connected with the sea goddess Matsu. Zhunan’s main tourist attraction is the largest Matsu Temple in Taiwan.

The port is rather unspectacular, but the many restaurants with fresh seafood and fish attract visitors. The coast offers sandy beaches but does not invite you to bathe because the landscape is dominated by wind power and industry.

Impressive is the view from the sea to the misty mountains in the morning. The beach access was difficult until a bridge was built that connects the port and the beaches. It is a popular place with locals for surfing, kite surfing and windsurfing because of year-round winds.


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