City Views Beipu, Taiwan 2017

Beipu is a rural community in the district of Hsinchu in northern Taiwan. It is known as a center of Hakka culture, mainly for the production of Dongfang Meiren tea and unique Hakkanese blends of tea and nuts called lēichá.

The city was the site of the Beipu Uprising of 1907 against the Japanese rule of Taiwan when insurgent Hakka and native Saisiyat attacked Japanese officials and their families. In retaliation, Japanese military and police officers killed more than 100 Hakka, most of whom were young men from Neidaping, a small village in the mountainous southern part of the community.

The town is known among the locals as Hakka capital of northern Taiwan and a popular destination for the people of Taiwan to enjoy a bit of history, culture, and cuisine.


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