Hsinchu Bezirk - Hsinchu District

Hsinchu District, Taiwan 2017

The county of Hsinchu is located in the northwest of Taiwan. It lies between the districts of Taoyuan in the northeast and Miaoli in the southwest. In the west, it borders on the city of Hsinchu, in the northwest on Formosastraße and in the southeast on the county of Yilan and the city of Taichung. In recent years, Hsinchu County has enjoyed a boom by supporting the Hsinchu Science Park and Hsinchu Industrial Park.

Hsinchu is home to the largest Hakka community in Taiwan. Most of the early Hakka immigrants to this region landed at the port of Hongmao and the port of Nanliao, most coming from Haifeng and Lufeng in China.

The Hakka residents in Hsinchu have unique dialects, customs and religious practices that reflect the environment. They are known for their care, respect for the teachings of their ancestors and their commitment to education. At the same time, the insular orientation limits the opportunities for exchange and integration of other cultures, so many Hakka communities have preserved their traditional dialects, culture, and customs.


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