Emei See - Emei Lake

Emei Lake, Hsinchu 2017

The Emei Lake is also known as the Dapu Reservoir and is located in the south Hsinchu. The inhabitants call the area ‘Yuemei’ (eyebrow as a crescent) because the shape of the area on the Emei river is very similar to a crescent moon. Later the name was changed to ‘Emei’ to avoid confusion or repetition. Near Lake Emei, there is a Hängebrücke, called ‘Emei Bridge’.

The reservoir was built in 1960 by the aboriginal people and is considered the first in Taiwan. Nurtured by the waters of the Emei River, it was mainly intended for irrigation of the Siangshan, Baoshan, Jhunan and Toufen regions. After the opening of the Yongheshan reservoir, it lost its importance and is today only a tourist attraction.


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