City Views Daxi, Taiwan 2017

Daxi, also known as Dasi, is a district of the city of Taoyuan in the northwest of Taiwan. The city is located in the Dahan valley about 30 km southwest of Taipei. Its center is located on a terrace above the eastern right bank of the river.

To the east and south, the district reaches as far as the wooded foothills of the Xueshan Mountain range, reaching heights of up to 667 meters. The Chiang Kai-Shek Mausoleum is located at Lake Cihu.

The valley of the Dahan was originally settled by members of the Atayal and Ketagalan who called the place Takoham. In the 19th century, Daxi developed into a major trading place from which mainly agricultural products were shipped from the surrounding area to Taipei and Tamsui.


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