Feilaifang Felsenskulpturen - Feilaifang Stone Sculptures

Feilaifang Stone Sculptures, Hangzhou 2017

The Feilaifeng Stone Sculptures are Buddhist sculptures from the time of the Five Dynasties to Ming Dynasty. They come mainly from the time of Mongol rule.

They are located in front of the Lingyin Temple in the area of the district-free city of Hangzhou. The sculptures are predominantly along the shore at a length of about 500 meters as well as in various caves somewhat off the river bank. The first statues were already carved in 951. Today, there are 390 statues in 115 niches, including 50 Tibetan Buddha statues in 34 niches. Since 1982, the Feilaifeng Sculptures have been on the list of monuments of the People’s Republic of China.


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