Hua Gang Guan Yu Park - Viewing Fish at the Flower Pool

Huagangguanyu Park, Hangzhou 2016

The park is located in the southwest of the West Lake and is connected to the Su Damm to the east and is located at the foot of the Xishan Hill in the west. In the immediate vicinity lies the South Sea and the inner West Lake. The park is one of the 10 best views of the West Lake and is located near the Leifeng Pagoda and the Jingci Temple.

On the shores of the lake lies the Lu Villa, built during the Song Dynasty of Lu Yunsheng. The Chinese artist Ma Yuan chose the place for many of his paintings and added it to the list of the 10 scenarios of the West Lake under the title Viewing Fish at the Flower Pool.

Since 1952, two large-scale expansion projects have turned the lake into one of Hangzhou’s largest parks. On the bank of the Leifeng Pagoda is the also the Zhang Taiyan Memorial Museum.


Useful Information:

Zhang Taiyan Memorial Museum
Opening Hours: 8:30 – 16:30
Entrance: frei
Website: (Chinese)

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