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Tea Village Longjing, Hangzhou 2016

Longjing, also called Dragon Well, is a small village, located on a hill called Fenghuang Mountain. The village lies deep in a valley with lush trees and mysterious springs and streams traversed valley. The former inhabitants believed that dragons lived here. People started coming here to pray for rain.

Longjing lies west of the West Lake and is the place of production of the world famous Longjing Tea.

Longjing tea, literally translated Dragon Well tea, is the roasted green tea from the environment of Longjing in Hangzhou. It is mostly made by hand and is famous for its high quality. It lists the ten most famous teas in China and is characterized by its green color, delicate flavor, delicate flavor and beautiful shape.

The China National Tea Museum is a few bus stops away from Longjing and can be easily visited on arrival or departure. It is the only one, specialized on tea and tea culture in China. With two locations on 13,000 m², the visitor can gain insights into the diverse tea traditions and ceremonies.


Useful Information:

China National Tea Museum 
Branches: Longjing & Shuangfeng
Opening Hours: October till April 8:30 – 16:30; May till September 9:00 – 17:00
Entrance: free
Website: www.teamuseum.cn (Chinese)

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