Xixi Feuchtgebiet - Xixi Wetlands

Xixi Wetlands, Hangzhou 2016

Located in the west of Hangzhou, the Xixi Wetland area is about five kilometers from the West Lake. The total area of the wetland area is about 11.5 square kilometers. 70% of the wetland area is a water surface, including a river port, basin, lakes, and moor. Six rivers flow through the park, with many branched streams and ponds. All these contribute to the unique landscape of the Xixi wetland area.

The main attractions in the Xixi Wetlands are Yanshui Fisherman’s Village, Bo Cottage, Xixi Water Pavilion, Plum and Bamboo Mountain Villa, Shentankou, Peach Blossom Villa, Xixi Cottage and Qiuxue Cottage.


Good to know:

Opening Hours: Weekday 01.April till 31.October 8:00 – 18:30; Weekend 7:30 – 18:30
Weekday 01.November till 31. March 8:15 – 18:00; Weekend 8:00 – 18:00
Entrance: 80 Yuan
Boat Ticket: Hand-driven Boat 100 Yuan/boat; Battery-Power Boat: 60 Yuan/person
Website: www.xixiwetland.com.cn (Chinese)

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