Stadwäldchen - City Park

City Park, Budapest 2015

The City Park is located in the XIVth district of the Hungarian capital Budapest. The park, founded in 1817 by the landscape gardener Christian Heinrich Nebbien (1778-1841), is a popular recreation area. It covers an area of ​​1.2 km² and was once a swampy landscape. The south-western entrance of the park is the Heroes’ Square at the end of Andrássy út.

The Castle of Vajdahunyad is located on the right side from the Heroes’ Square. Like many monuments and buildings, the castle was also built for the millennium celebrations. The Medieval style of the Burgundy building complex, with a gate, pointed towers, gables, and pinnacles, served the occasion of the Budapest Millennium Exhibition, organized in 1896, under the supervision of Hungarian architect Ignác Alpár.

The Széchenyi Bath, opened in 1881, is located in the northern part of the City Park and consists of three open spaces and a neo-Baroque style indoor swimming pool with a thermal and therapeutic area.


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