Spreeufer - Spree Riverside

Spree Riverside, Berlin 2016

The Spree, called in sections Great Spree, is a nearly 400-kilometer-long left tributary of the Havel in the east of Germany. The Spree flows through Berlin for 44 kilometers. The section from Dämeritzsee through the Müggelsee to Berlin Köpenick is also referred to as Müggelspree. In Köpenick, the Dahme flows into the Spree.

In the center of Berlin, west of the river Spree, the Spreekanal (in the northern section called Kupfergraben) is located on the Spreekanal (about 1.8 km) and flows on the left side of the Spreeinsel. Just behind the Weidendammer Bridge, the original course of the Panke flows into the Spree from the north. After the branch at the Humboldthafen to the Berlin-Spandauer shipping canal, the Spree winds along the Tiergarten is called Charlottenburg Lower Spree and finally flows into the Havel in Spandau.


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