Schweriner See - Lake Schwerin

Lake Schwerin, Schwerin 2016

The Lake Schwerin is a lake in Westmecklenburg between Schwerin and Hohen Viecheln. Geomorphologically, it can be described as the glacier lake of the Vistula ice age. The lake is 24.8 kilometers long and up to six kilometers wide with an area of 61.54 km². This makes it the second largest North German lake after the Müritz and the fourth largest German lake.

The Lake Schwerin is divided in the middle by the Paul Dam, completed in 1842, in the outer and inner seas. A navigable link has been left open with the Paul Dam Canal. In the outer sea are the islands Lieps, Horst, and Rethberg, in the inner lake the islands Schlossinsel, Kaninchenwerder, and Ziegelwerder.


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