Matthiaskirche - Matthias Church

Matthias Church, Budapest 2015

The Matthias Church is the most famous church in the Hungarian capital Budapest. It is located in the Burgviertel Vár directly by the Fisherman’s Bastion. The Matthiaskirche – officially the Liebfrauenkirche – was the first church on the Schlossberg. It is registered as part of the UNESCO World Heritage. The coronation ceremonies of Charles I Robert of Anjou (1309), Franz Joseph I (1867) and Charles IV (1916) took place here. It is therefore also known as the ‘Coronation Church’.

According to the tradition of the diocese of Esztergom, King Stephan I (1000-1038) built a church here in 1015. This is confirmed by sources from the 17th century, and it is assumed that the mortal remains of Saint Gellért, who suffered martyrdom on the nearby Gellért Hill, were buried here. On the Burgberg, however, there is no evidence of any settlement before the 13th century.


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