Kerepesi Friedhof - Kerepesi Cementery

Kerepesi Cementery, Budapest 2015

The Kerepesi Cemetery is next to the main cemetery Új köztemető a significant cemetery in Budapest. It was opened in 1847. The cemetery looks like a large silent park.

In the Kerepian Cemetery prominent Hungarian men, writers, architects, actors and scientists have been buried, some of them also in mausoleums. The first significant funeral was that of Mihály Vörösmarty in 1855. In the Second World War, there was some damage.

The Kossuth Mausoleum is the largest and most pompous building in the entire cemetery, followed by the central Deák mausoleum. Also, the Kerepian cemetery is known for its arcades built between 1908 and 1911, reminiscent of Northern Italian cemeteries. At the artist’s section, in which great Hungarian artists were buried, was created in 1929.


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