Haus des Terrors - House of Terror

House of Terror, Budapest 2015

The House of Terror is a historical museum designed as a memorial in Budapest. It is housed in Andrássy út 60 and is intended to recall the rule of the arrow crosses and the socialism in Hungary following the end of the Second World War while representing both regimes in its exhibition.

Built in 1880 according to the plans of Adolf Feszty in the neo-Renaissance style, the palace was originally in Jewish possession. It served from 1937 to 1944 as the seat of, and prison of the Hungarian Arrow Crosses Party of Ferenc Szálasi called the ‘house of the faithfulness’.

During the Stalinist era, he used it as a torture jail. As a result of the gradual expansion, the final state of the prison included the hidden area under the entire surrounding block of houses.

During the term of office of Viktor Orbán (1998-2002), the desire to build a memorial for the victims of both dictatorships became ever louder.


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