Gellertberg - Gellert Hill

Gellert Hill, Budapest 2015

The Gellért Hill, formerly Kelen Hill, Easter Hill, lies in the I. and XI. District of Budapest and was named after Giorgio di Sagredo, Saint Gellért, who was overthrown to death by this mountain. After the settlement of German emigrants in the oven and plague from the 17th century, the Gellértberg is known as the “Blockberg”, the meeting point of the witches.

The highest point of the mountain rising steeply on the west bank of the Danube is at 235 m. It is a salient topographic point in the landscape and stands out clearly from its surroundings. The huge St. Iván cave is located in the southeast of Gellért.

On the top of the mountain is the Statue of Liberty. It was set up in 1947 to commemorate the conquest of Budapest by the Red Army (autumn 1944 to February 1945). On the southern slope of the Gellért mountain, a cave was built in 1926 according to the model of Lourdes. It was walled in 1951 and reopened in 1989.


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