Holocaust-Mahnmal - Holocaust Memorial

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, Berlin 2016

The Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe, called the Holocaust Memorial, is a memorial to the Jews killed under the rule of Hitler and Nazis in the Holocaust in the historical center of Berlin. Between 2003 and spring 2005, the structure, which is characterized by solid squares (steles), was erected on a 19,000 m² area near the Brandenburg Gate. The design was conceived by Peter Eisenman.

On the corrugated ground surface 2711, between 0.5 ° and 2 ° inclined stelae were placed in parallel rows. If the ground plan is identical, the steles have different heights between level and 4.7 meters. The evenly 95 centimeters wide passageways between the steles are fully accessible to the visitors but do not offer enough space to walk next to each other.


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