City Views Königsberg, Germany 2014

Königsberg in Bavaria is a town in the sub-Franconian district of Hassberge in Bavaria, located between Coburg and Schweinfurt. Königsberg was built around 1180 on the grounds of an old Franconian royal domain as a result of the construction of a castle on the ‘Vineyard of the King’. In the early Middle Ages, there was already a settlement called Ingelhofen in the suburbs. Königsberg was mentioned for the first time in 1234. In 1333 it was given market privilege and in 1358 finally the full city rights.

Königsberg is famous for its half-timbered houses in the Old Town. The central salt market is still today a half-timbered house compound of rare closeness and is completely under monument protection. There is a memorial to Regiomontanus, the town hall with a Roland statue and the Tillyhaus.

The church was built between 1397 and 1432 and was rebuilt in the early 20th century by the Coburg architect Leopold Oelenheinz, after its destruction in 1640.


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