City Views Reichelsheim, Germany 2014

Reichelsheim (Odenwald) is a municipality in the Odenwaldkreis in Hesse. It is located in the middle Odenwald in 200 to 538 meters height in the midst of the Geo-Naturpark Bergstraße-Odenwald. For the first time, the municipality was mentioned as a Reichelsheim in 1303.

Since 1995, the Reichelsheim fairy tales and saga days have been held annually on the last weekend of October, with the awarding of the Wild Wife Prize. Many old constructions and garments are to be admired.

The today’s castle Reichenberg arose as Burg Richenburg in the 13th century, first documented in 1307. Remarkable is the Herrenhaus (Palas). The Palas was called because of its crooked ground the crumbling construction. On February 14, 1776, the natural scientist Christian Gottfried Daniel Nees of Esenbeck was born here.


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