Erbach im Odenwald

City Views Erbach im Odw., Germany 2014

Erbach is the district town of the Odenwaldkreis in Hesse. It is located in 200 to 560 meters altitude in the Odenwald in the valley of the Mümling. Erbach borders the city of Michelstadt in the north. For the first time, the place was first mentioned in 1095 in the Lorscher Codex under the name ‘Ertbach’.

The old counts of the Counts of Erbach count as a castle in the 18th century. The collections of the castle of Count Francis I (1754-1823), which have been preserved there, are still significant and are still kept in their original presentation. The Schloss-Ensemble also includes the late-baroque Orangerie with the Schlossgarten.

North of the castle is the medieval core of Erbach. Since the 14th century the courtyards of the Burgmanns have been documented, parts of which have been preserved in the area of ​​the street towns. The so-called Templerhaus, the so-called Habermannsburg, and the Burgmannenhaus Pavey, which forms the north-western end of the castle settlement and is inspired by the city fortifications, is the most important architectural feature.


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