Po Nagar Tempel - Po Nagar Temple

Cham Temple Po Nagar, Nha Trang 2013

Po Nagar is a former Hindu temple complex of the Champa Empire in Nha Trang. The temple complex was founded around the middle of the 8th century by the Cham, expanded in the 9th century and rebuilt after its destruction in the 11th century. The main temple of the 11th century is the last great building of the Cham architecture.

The local patroness Po Nagar, also known as Yan Pu Nagara. It is related to the culture of the Khmer, which finds its climax in Angkor Wat.

From a stele dating from AD 781, the king of Cham, Satyavarman, restored a destroyed temple after restoring its power in the region of today’s Nha Trang.

The compund was built of burnt red bricks on a hill, surpassing the mouth of the Song Cai River into the South China Sea. It consists of a meditation hall at the foot of the hill and four individual temples. The tower of the main temple has a height of about 32 meters. The entire complex was elaborately restored and is today in a superb condition.


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