Bay Mau Wasserpalmenwald - Bay Mau Waterpalm Forest

Bay Mau Coconut Waterpalm Forest, Vietnam 2013

In addition to its historic old town, the harbor town of Hoi An offers the Bay Mau Kokoswasserpalmenwald nearby. The Bay Mau Palmenwald is very famous thanks to its biodiversity and is considered an old trail of the city of Hoi An.

Along the Hoai River, there are many jetties. Visitors can dive into the evergreen and extensive coconut water palms forest. In the past, the palm wall was a safe area of revolutionary forces in Hoi An.

Nowadays, the Bay Mau Kokospalmenwald is not only a relic with a particular historical value but also a unique ecosystem. The water forest is the habitat of many marine animals, especially crabs, crawfish, shrimp, and mollusks. The mangrove ecosystem also plays a significant role as a biofilter in the collection and decomposition of waste and the cleaning of the water before returning to the sea.


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