Taling Ngam

Taling Ngam Beach, Koh Samui 2013

Originally a trading port called Talingpunk (Damaged Shore) was renamed Taling Ngam, or ‘beautiful shore’ in 1942. The previous name goes back to the damage to the port in 1900 by a storm back. Local families are mainly the descendants of the Thai and Chinese migrants who live their lives with fish and cultivate a traditional lifestyle.

In this area, as well as in Lipa Noi north of here, the landscape is characterized by traditional wooden houses in the southern style between coconut plantations. The elders are sitting in the sala, chickens digging in the ground, stacked coconuts waiting for transport to the market, dogs lying out on the road. The classic image of the Taling Ngam area.

On tables on the roadside, freshly picked bananas or glutinous rice are sold. The Village life centers around the local temple, Wat Kiri Wongkaram.


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