Zong Raue Wasserfall - Zong Raue Waterfall

Zong Raue Waterfall, Koh Samui 2011

On Koh Samui, there are eleven waterfalls, three of which are impressive: Namuang, Secret Falls, and Hin Lad. All others look rather modest and are not attractive for most tourists. In doing so, they attract only a small quantity of those who prefer such a quiet beauty.

The Zong Raue, also Zong Ruea waterfall, is located within a fruit plantation, which can only be seen by climbing the mountain. Near the waterfall, there is an abandoned farmhouse, surrounded by a few paved sidewalks and a level area for parking. Because of the high dependence on the rainy season, Zong Raue changes radically with the seasons. In April it consists only of a wet stone bed barely touched by water, but in November you can see a classical waterfall.


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