In den Wasserspinatfeldern - In the Morning Glory Fields

In the Morning Glory Fields, Phnom Penh 2011

Water spinach is known as Morning Glory throughout Asia. It is on the menus of the restaurants gladly again because the vegetables with their crunchy stems and soft leaves are a delicious ingredient. In Vietnam, water spinach is even a kind of ‘national vegetable’.

The water spinach has a pantropical spread. The original home is probably located in Asia. It grows at altitudes between 0 and 1500 m and preferably moist sites on streams, ponds, rivers, but also in rice fields, on garbage dumps or in savannahs.

Water spinach, also called water winds or marsh cabbage, is available in two varieties: one is a one-year-old swamp plant, which needs very wet soils for growing. It has dark green and very narrow leaves. The marsh plant mainly occurs in Thai cuisine. The other is a perennial water plant, which is mostly used in Chinese cuisine. This water spinach resembles water lilies because the broad and light green leaves with their thick hollow stems float on the water.


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