City Views Pakse, Lao 2010

Pakse, also known as Pakxe, French Paksé or Pakxé, is the third-largest city in Laos and capital of the province of Champasak in the south of the country.

Pakse is located at the mouth of the Xedon in the Mekong River and is managed exclusively on the left side of the Mekong, with the villages on the other Mekong side growing strongly since the construction of the LaoJapanese Bridge. Pakse is mainly south-westerly and north-east surrounded by small mountains.

The city was founded in 1905 by the French administration of the colony Indochina. For some time it was the residence of Ratsadanay, the last of the princes of Champasak, who had been deposed by the French. His son Boun Oum built a palace (Champasak Palace) in the city from 1968 but had to flee the country before its completion.


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