Than Sadet

Than Sadet Beach, Koh Phangan 2011

The Haad Sadet in the west of the island forms an approximately 400 meters long, curved bay near the Than Sadet waterfall, which flows into the sea at Sadet Beach.

The only coarse-grained sand beach with palm trees is an only resort that stretches all over the bay. Some of the bungalows are located directly on the water; others are on a hill at the northern end of the beach. From the top, there is a breathtaking view of the bay and the sunrises.

Than Sadet was visited many times by King Churalong (Rama V), who inspected the waterfalls and bathed in them. Other kings of Thailand came to this place, which is translated as “river visited by kings”. Than Sadet is a protected National Park because of its historical importance as well as the impressive flora and fauna.


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