Magischer Garten - Magic Garden

Magic Garden, Koh Samui 2011

The Magic Garden, including Secret Buddha Garden or Khun Nim’s Garden, is located in the hills of Samui, on the highest peak of Khao Pom (635 meters), in the middle of the jungle. The fruit grower Nim Thongsuk, who lived in Namuang and came daily to the Pom Mountain to grow his fruit, began to build the garden in 1976 when he was 77 years old.

He wanted to create a place of peace and tranquility, a kind of heavenly kingdom with angels and musicians for his deceased wife, whom he buried here. At the age of 91, Nim Thongsuk died, and the garden was also his last retirement.

Since the artist’s death, the garden has largely been preserved in its original state. Nim Thongsuk was still alive during his lifetime. Tarnim Magic Garden is now owned by its family and is open to tourists for a visit.

A fascinating, magical and at the same time mystical place. On display are stone Buddhas sculptures, sculptures from Thai fairy tales, angels, dancers, musicians, and animals.


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