City Views Frankfurt/Main, Germany 2008

With over 732,000 inhabitants, Frankfurt/Main is the largest city in Hesse and the fifth largest in Germany. The circular city is the center of the metropolitan area Frankfurt-Rhein-Main with about 2.2 million inhabitants.

Since the Middle Ages, Frankfurt/Main has been one of the most important cities in Germany. 794 first documentary, it was since the High Middle Ages Free Reichsstadt and until 1806 Wahl-, since 1562 also coronation town of the Roman-German emperors.

Today, Frankfurt/Main is an important international financial center and an important industrial, service and exhibition center. A unique feature of Germany is the skyline of the city. Because of the high-rise buildings, which are among the highest in Europe, Frankfurt/Main is sometimes referred to as Mainhattan. Historical sights of the city are the reconstructed ensemble of the old town with Römerberg, including Rathaus Römer and the Kaiserdom.


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