City Views Capri, Italy 1996

Capri is an Italian rock island (limestone) in the Gulf of Naples. It is 10.4 km2 in size and is known for its caves by the sea. The most famous cave is the so-called Blue Grotto.

The highest point of the island is at 589 m above the sea of Monte Solaro. Capri has a stable, mild climate. The evergreen vegetation is complemented by terraced cultures with wine, oil and fruit trees. Since the 19th century, tourism has been the main tourist attraction. The island is only about five kilometers from the mainland and belongs to the metropolitan city of Naples.

The Piazzetta di Capri (official Piazza Umberto I) is a lovely little place in the heart of Capri. A few hundred meters from the center of Capri it becomes quieter and the picturesque Via Tragara, a viewpoint, leads to the viewpoint Punta di Tragara, from where one looks to the Faraglioni rocks, one of a fascinating nature game in the southeast of the island.


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